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Mission Statement, Christi Rolland Home Interiors



Before we work on any project and for all our services offered,  we recommend a meeting with you in person to better understand your plan and suggest which of our services would be best suited for you.


We will come to you for a consultation.  With this first meeting,  it will help us understand your space and your needs concerning decorating or renovating.   It will also allow us visualize a project tailor-made by us, just for you.


For up to two hours, we offer our  INITIAL CONSULTATION  for FREE (within the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg in Switzerland), without any commitment on your part. Contact us to make a booking.


Consultations are also available in Paris, France, and in any other cantons of Switzerland where transportation charges may apply.



We understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with all the details of creating a new home that is tastefully decorated and well thought out. With so many wonderful things around us, often accumulated as we shop and travel, it is easy to acquire exquisite pieces for our homes. The real challenge lies in showcasing our beloved objects as we incorporate them into our everyday space. 


When you work with us, we will handle every aspect of dealing with each piece in your home or space. We will work closely with you at each stage to understand your needs and wishes to create a space that is truly yours. 


We will supervise, coordinate, and manage the project as we work with other professionals – including architects, carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, furniture artisans, upholsterers, and many more – to achieve your dream space.


We will agree on a budget and a project calendar with you.


If you are ready to renovate your home, this service is for you. Contact us for more information.






If you are looking for a quick fix, this service is for you.


If you are not ready to make a significant change in your home or office interior but know that your space needs improvement, we can help you upgrade it with our partial renovation and interior decoration service. 


Without knocking down walls or making any structural changes, we can create your ideal space.  We will work with you to re-arrange your home and achieve optimal functionality and design by working with existing pieces, sorting through unwanted objects, de-cluttering, and incorporating objects you may have. We may also recommend additional services such as paintwork or purchases of additional pieces for the space.


If you are interested in this service or would like to know more about it, please contact us.




This service may be of particular interest if you are keen to rent our your space or are about to sell your property.


With Home Staging, we aim to transform your home or office into a more welcoming and attractive space. By playing with pieces such as paintings, plants, lighting, carpets and accessories, we will ensure your space is as presentable as it can get. 


We will work with things you already have to build the staged look and, if necessary, we will recommend any additional pieces to enhance and complete the look.

If this service is for you, please contact us for more information or to book.

Match It



If you are someone who wants to create a specific theme or style in your interior, this tailor-made service is just for you. Because our expertise in transitional design — where we mix traditional pieces with modern fittings and accessories — may not be your design preference, we found a solution that works for everyone.  

With this unique signature service, we will collaborate with the fitting partner from our carefully curated network of local designers and artisans to create the perfect design and style match for your project. This service covers full or partial interior renovation projects.

If you are interested in this service or would like to know more about it, please contact us.

Currently, we are offering our exclusive MATCH IT service only within Paris, France. If you are a designer in Switzerland or the Philippines and would like to join our network for when we launch the service in your area, please get in touch.



Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy of creating harmony and balance with one's surrounding environment. By using the basic principles of Feng Shui in your interior, we can create a home or work space for you that feels and functions as great as it looks. Also, if you are looking to buy property and would like to clear feelings of uncertainty on a possible acquisition, we can help with you make your decision with ZEN-IT.


We are proud to offer you this service with the help of our certified Feng Shui specialist. Please contact us for more information.



We will be happy to take you out to source or shop for anything you may need for your home or office – from furniture, curtains, kitchens, linens, crockery, plants, and beyond!


If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

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